33 Passages

Evolution towards a state of perfection. No AI required :o)

We seem to advance the creation of our ‘machines’…. what do we do to evolve ourselves? Evolving one step at a time, one journey at a time. A journey through 33 passages, in an uplifting and a rising activity until… one can witness real progress. Here you see 10 of the 33 Sacred Geometries created. 

Open the Door! Ready for Change!

All 33 Geometries are included in my book

33 Sacred Geometries

There are 33 Passages, and therefore 33 unique Sacred Geometries. The final product is presented in a beautiful card set and Video clips, available at the Radiant Rose Academy.  

Card sample No23

3x4in Card sample

The Sacred Geometry here: Copyrights © Lightlogos Creations & Radiant Rose Academy

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