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I have published two books, and one more are in the works. One will be a Collections of “Symbols”, and coming soon “Word at Play”.

Post: Geometries For Life

Geometries for Life Book

Geometries For Life

A Sacred Geometry Adventure


  • Book size is 8x8in
  • Full Colour, 210 pages of Special Geometries and poems.
  • Collection of over 156 Geometries accompanied with Poem and Affirmations
  • Hardcover, Paperback (Soft cover), eBook
  • Published in 2021

Table of Contents

Foreword. Sacred Geometry . The Artist . The Arceus . Empowerment Geometries . Transitional Geometries . Countries and Cities . The United States of America Geometries . Original Tribes Geometries . Delphi, Eternal Oracle of Truth . Sacred Oracles of the Divine Mothers . Sacred Chalices of the Goddesses . The 33 Passages of Resurrection Geometries

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