What is Sacred Geometry?

Notes on this Grand subject

Let me first start by saying that the purpose of this website is not to give you a discourse on Sacred Geometry, as there are many websites full of information on this very special subject. Suffice it to say that in my perspective, Sacred Geometry is the bridge between an Idea conceived at the highest level, and its manifestation, rendered in perfect harmony, faithful to its goal, intent, and purpose. So basically you have an idea, then you design the blueprint for the manifestation of its purpose.

We have seen Sacred Geometry in many shapes and forms, generated, but not limited to what we are familiar with, such as Fibonacci sequence, symmetry, Pi, the 5 Platonic solids, Fractal dimensions, etc. Those are tools one may use while in the creative process. An underlying ‘grid’ is always present in any Sacred Geometry, at the creator’s discretion, and perfect harmony is always at its core, unfolding in perfect timing. 

Why Sacred Geometry matters...

It was said that we have lost the ability to see the image that is instantly present with each thought. Oh my goodness! Let’s get some restoration underway. This ability is important and is part of our evolution.

In a nutshell...

Idea/Thought > blueprints > realization towards its purpose. Sacred! Because of Pure Intent.

The Poetry of Shapes

Matters not what is in the world.

Matters what is within…

Entertain Harmony, Peace and Calmness.

It will find its way out

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