About Lightlogos... and Emmarose

About Lightlogos and Emmarose

Emmarose is my artist name

My birth name is Louise

Lightlogos Creations is my company...

Here is a very little tiny history of my journey! In my teenage years I contemplated a career in marine biology, and so I went to the University of Moncton, NB, Canada (I made really nice illustrations in my notes). Soon after two years of biology I felt that something more fitting to my personality was meant to be. Something more creative, perhaps in arts. So I entered the Fine Arts program at the University of Ottawa. A few years later (I left the program early), I started working as a clerk at an art shop. There I was introduced to many tools artists use. Graphic Arts got my attention and that became part of my new journey. Things were changing…indeed

When I lived in Ottawa, I operated a successful Graphic Arts business for ten years. Following that I worked at various design positions for the Corporate and Government sector. Eventually I moved to Vancouver, BC. When computers and internet became mainstream (yes, I was there at the beginning) affecting the publishing industry and global communications, I soon realized this to be a new exciting arena to explore. I geared my graphic arts and publishing skills to website development and went on to manage a successful web design business. I eventually closed my business and found new employment, but parallel to my everyday work I felt my heart had more to show me… so I started my own illustrations. A new path was set. ‘Lightlogos Creations’ is dedicated to Sacred Art and Geometry.

Sacred Geometry and How it came to be my Passion

I have always loved both art and science ever since I was a little girl, and I still do. Yes, I did have two successful business under my belt, but I also experienced a “burnout”. I took some time off and It was during those days that I asked myself “what is it that I like to draw? or paint? And this time I was to be the client. What was in me that I liked so much? The answer was shapes, forms, and symbols. Then I followed with this next thought: “What does Gratitude, Victory or Collaboration look like in shapes and forms?” There you have it! That was the beginning of this amazing journey in geometry.. :o)

Lightlogos Creations shares the copyrights with the Radiant Rose Academy for the Sacred Geometries Lightlogos created under contract.

Geometrist at Heart

Notes on 'Light' and 'Logos'

Words embody a concept or an idea, and words, singular or plural, have its own patterns. Letters of course are a form of patterns, but one can group a whole book in one picture to represent and or convey an idea, in the form of a ‘logo’. Yes, a thousand words may indeed fit in a picture. Words are first received by the ‘mind’. Images have their own pathway, not only through mind but also through heart and the feeling side of our lives.

I love and choose to convey, convert, and translate the ‘patterning’ to be seen, to be rendered visible to the eyes. So I paint with ‘Light’ the ‘Logos’ of Divine path and purpose.

Synonyms: World Reason | Infinite Spirit | World Principle | Oversoul | Universal Life Force | World Soul.

Known Definition

lógos  – From the Dictionary we get this: Greek lógos a word, saying, speech, discourse, thought, proportion, ratio, reckoning, akin to légein to choose, gather, recount, tell over, speak; cf. lection. Logo – More familiar to most, also called logotype, is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition.
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